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Blogger’s new Dynamic Templates

Previously I have told about what will be Blogger in future. While looking at the screen shots I was really amazed. But today while I logged in to blogger, a popup opened informing about the new dynamic templates by introduced by blogger. I didn’t waste any time to visit Blogger Buzz to see what’s all this about. And finally it was all clear.

Email Subscription Widget for Blogger - Official

Blogger Buzz introduced the new "Follow by Email gadget". It's an email subscription box widget which let your readers to subscribe to your blog posts by email. This widget works in conjunction with Google FeedBurner.
Whenever you write a post and publish it, your readers, who have subscribed to your blog by email, will be able to get the updates to their inbox. Let's have a preview of the new gadget.

Glimpse of Blogger in Future 2011

Previously I have told what Blogger is on 2011 but blogger buzz now tell us what will be blogger in future. So let's have a look at upcoming changes.New Post Editor

How to Add Extra Gadget/Widget Section to Blogger Header

Let’s go one step forward and add an extra gadget section within Blogger header in new template designers. Within this gadget section you can add anything that you may want, for example, subscribe buttons, search box or your AdSense ads within the Blogger header.
DemoIn previous tutorial I have told you how to resize Blogger header which is needed to be done first to give space for the extra gadget to fit in. If it is done then follow the below steps.

How to Resize Blogger Header to Logo Size

One of the drawbacks of Blogger is its header. When you are using text as your blog title, you will find that there is no problem but when you add an image or logo to the header portion instead of title and description or having description placed after the image from Layout tab, you will find that it’s not the logo but the whole header becomes clickable. So in this tutorial we will find out how to resize the Blogger header in new templates.

Blogger as on March 2011

Blogger is evolving day by day and bringing many improvements to us, blogspot users, making it easy to use some advance settings. For example, some of the previous updates are popular posts widget, stats widget and spam filtering for blogger comments, enabling read more and many more.Within this month, blogger has added some more to it. Let’s see what those are:

How to Add Official LinkedIn Share Button to Blogger

To bring professional audience to your blog, let’s add LinkedIn share buttons to Blogger. It’s official and has counters.
These share buttons, also known as “inShare”, comes in three different sizes. Let’s have look with live examples.