Blogger’s new Dynamic Templates

Previously I have told about what will be Blogger in future. While looking at the screen shots I was really amazed. But today while I logged in to blogger, a popup opened informing about the new dynamic templates by introduced by blogger. I didn’t waste any time to visit Blogger Buzz to see what’s all this about. And finally it was all clear.

The new dynamic templates are advance templates which includes all the latest wed technologies for building a web page, consisting of HTML5, CSS3 and AJEX. Let’s have a look of my blog what these three things can do by these five templates: Flipcard, Mosaic, Sidebar, Snapshot and Timeslide.

While looking at the source of my blog, I find out that it’s really all about CSS3, HTML5 and most importantly, the awesome features of jQuery. Have you seen how your template is? To view your dynamic BlogSpot blog, you need to add “/view” at the end of your blog’s URL. So the full address will be

Just change “your-blog” with yours address and you will be able to see your dynamic blog. If you can’t see your dynamic blog then you need to check some settings to enable it. Let’s check out:

Go to Blogger’s Dashboard > Settings tabs and:

  • Go to Formatting tab and check if the option to Enable Dynamic Views is set to “Yes
  • Go to Site feed tab and check if the Allow Blog Feeds is set to “Full” or “Until Jump Break”, that is, you need to allow either Full or Jump Break for your Post Feed
  • Lastly, you blog should be publically visible.

But you must remember that it’s not out “fully”. You need to let Google know what you think about these dynamic templates first so that blogger team can finalize these templates by enabling customizations to it, for you.

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