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How to Upload or Download Blogger Template (Video)

In this tutorial we will discuss how to download and/or upload Blogger templates. It is a very simple process and can be done by a click of a button. Yes, you heard it right, see the video tutorials below.
Sometimes you may need to back up your templates for certain reasons, like for example, if you are modifying your template then you may like to back it up if by chance anything goes wrong.
Or you want to upload the old or a new custom made, stylish template that gives you what you need.
Points to be notedFor ease, login to Blogger, go to your blog’s Template tab and find “Backup/Restore” button on top-right corner.The Blogger templates are in XML file format, that is, the extension is .xml.Sometimes, templates which are custom made and that are available to download from other sites, comes packed in Zip (also .zip) or RAR (also .rar) formats. You need to extract them using software like WinRAR or 7-Zip (freeware).

Tutorial to Add Image to the Header in Blogger

To add an image to the header of blogger, first go to Blogger’s Dashboard > Design > Page Elements tab. Under this tab you will find the layout of the template you are using. At top you will find the Header widget, click Edit.
A pop up window will open. You will find that here you can change your title, description and image. Now upload your image from computer or put the URL of the image if you already had uploaded it. Check the box “shrink to fit” if you think that your image is greater in size than you header.
At last save your widget.

2 Simple Ways to Get Traffic to Your Blog

Increasing traffic to your blogs and websites in not easy thing to achive. If you are owner then you do need visitors which is really very difficult for new blogs and that is also if the blog is similar to other competitive sites.
If your blog contains absolutely something new that a visitor may find interesting then you are on “get, set and go” and traffic will automatically start to flow. But there also something that must be done to promote it and let others know too.
Here are two simple ways that you can and must do to increase your blog’s traffic.

How to Add Retweet Button to Blogger and Customize it

“The retweet button is for blog and website publishers who want to encourage their readers to tweet their content on Twitter.”This button also acts like a twitter counter. It not only allows your readers to tweet your blog posts to their twitter accounts but also shows the number of times your blog posts has been tweeted.You can easily get the source code from TweetMeme but here also need an explanation on how to add this to your blogger posts.Generally when you get the code for the full script, it will look like:<script type='text/javascript'>tweetmeme_url = '';tweetmeme_source = 'tweetmeme';tweetmeme_service = '';</script><script src='' type='text/javascript'/>Now for an explanation:
'' is the blog post URL, change it to '<data:post.url/>'
'tweetmeme' is the twitter account, change it to your account.