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Sharing in Facebook Not Showing Blogger Post Description (Solved)

I have been always asked “why Facebook does not show the description of the post when it has been liked or shared by the readers”. In this post I will discuss different methods to solve this problem.

Facebook has updated its scripts and codes which results in showing a small description of the post and an image whenever it is shared within Facebook. But people who are using Blogger and have added the Facebook Like button (iframe or XFBML) finds that when anyone likes a post, the description of the post is not seen or scraped by Facebook, instead there is only the title of the post and your blog’s link. This is a concern for many bloggers who are blogging on Blogger platform and to be honest, there’s no problem from yours end as it’s a problem of Blogger’s Post Editor itself.

Import Blog Posts to Facebook Page

If you are blogging then you must have created Facebook Page for your blog. Now do not keep it blank, post something so that Facebook users who have Liked your Page can engage with it. You can post status updates with interesting discussions or can update it with your newly created blog posts.

Facebook Send Button for Blogger

Send button by Facebook enables your blog readers to send your content to their Facebook friends privately in their inbox or to the group wall or to any email address. Let’s see how to add Send button to Blogger.