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Add Syntax Highlighter to Blogger

There are quite few good Syntax Highlighters out there, one of them is “Prettify” which is simple and lightweight. Prettify states that it can automatically guess and highlight code snippets for many languages (best on C-like and HTML-like) and also has many language extensions, if you need one. So I setup a simple demo to test it and the result was quite good.

How to add Description Meta tag to Blogger

Adding Description Meta tag is one of the good SEO practices. These tags are HTML attributes which tell the search engines about the content of the page and describes it. Description tags don’t helps in ranking high within search result pages but helps in good clickthrough rates.Many years back, search engines used to show the result snippets of these Description Meta tags but recently some search engines, like Google, shows preview snippets depending on user searches. Just like any other top CMS, like, blogs powered by Blogger also have the feature to add Description Meta tags to every page, you just need to enable some settings, in this tutorial let us see how.