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How to Get Your Blog Indexed Quickly

If you are having trouble to get your blog indexed by search engines or you are unaware of it, then you must be thinking to do something very quickly. Indexing by major search engine is really important to get visitors your blog if you want it to be read by others.
In this article I will tell you the simple steps that every blogger can do to get your blog indexed by Google, Yahoo and Bing as quickly as possible.
First of all, check whether your blog is already index by searching for in search boxes of respective search engines. If you think you are not happy with the results then here is a check list.

How to Add Social Bookmarking Icons to Blogger

If your blog post is just awesome then adding social bookmarking icons or buttons below Blogger posts will let your readers to bookmark and share your posts with their friends.
People are becoming social, sharing things on Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites. I have seen that there are many times when I get more readers for my blog from social networking sites whenever someone shares my posts with their friends.
You may also like to get social by adding bookmarking and sharing buttons, so I made and have updated this tutorial with 14 best bookmarking sites including a feed icon of your blog's feed.
DemoAdvantages of Adding Custom Sharing IconsIt is more flexible than official Blogger share icons due to:Use of custom images which can be of your choice with different styles and sizes.More social networking sites to share your posts.It is faster than other sharing scripts.And many more as it can be customized.

Add Floating Back to Top Icon Button to Blogger

You can tell you readers to go to the top of the page by adding a floating “back to top” icon image. It is simple and very easy to add to Blogger powered blogs.
For those who don't know, it is an up icon which indicates to directly go back to the top of page the reader is reading. This can be found floating mainly in bottom right-hand corner and in some blogs at bottom left-hand. A simple but effective way.

How to add Read More option - Officially from Blogger

If you are looking for a hack to add Read more to Blogger to hide full posts, then stop searching because Blogger has now officially announced this option for us which is also known as Jump Break.
Now you don't have to add any separate hack in your template. What you have to do is enable some options in your Blogger settings and you are ready to use this feature. Thinking what are the options you have to enable! Well, let us find out.
While posting a new post, write a paragraph, use the "jump break" option and continue writing again. This is the option which will add the read more link to your posts on your homepage.

Create your own Contact Form with Kontactr for Blogger

Kontactr is one of the simplest, fast, light weight and effective contact forms that I ever came across. It is not only easy to create but is also like a breeze to add it to Blogger.
I have already told the main features but it does not end here. It has got CAPTCHA protection to stop all those spam massages and the best of all is it’s free. You need to follow some easy steps and you are ready to receive all those important emails.
Step 1: Visit Kontactr and signup.
Step 2: After confirmation, login and copy the codes given in “AJAX Widget”.
Step 3: Login to Blogger and create a page form Pages tab (also known as “static page”) from your blog's dashboard . Give the page a title, like, “Contact me” or anything that you like.
Step 4: Paste the copied code (as told in step 2) and Publish the page.
That is it. However, you can also customize it so that it matches the background color of your blog.
There are some other options too, for example, instead of a form, you can have contact buttons