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New Features by Blogger In Draft

Blogger is advancing day by day and now there are many new features that are now available to Blogger in Draft.
Adding captions to Images in BloggerNow you can add captions to your images without any extra codes and scripts. Just click on the image that you have uploaded, and click “Add caption”.

And write your caption just below your image.

Add Facebook Like Box to Blogger

Many readers take Facebook Fan Pages as an alternative to RSS readers, so it will be best to add a Like Box to your blog. It is a great way to show your readers that your blog is also available on Facebook and they can join your Page and become an active member by liking your page.
Here is my page on Facebook. You can always join my Page by clicking the “Like” button.

How to Add Facebook Share Button with Counter to Blogger

Facebook share button is a perfect way to share blog posts and to show the number of shares that has been made for a particular blog post. There are two types with different styles, one with a big count button and the other one is inline button. To add it to Blogger select any one of the share buttons as mentioned below.
Facebook Share Button with Counter

<div style="float: right; margin: 4px;"> <a name="fb_share" type="box_count" expr:share_url="data:post.canonicalUrl" href="">Share</a><script src="" type="text/javascript"></script> </div>

How to Configure and Setup FeedBurner for Blogger

Google FeedBurner is one of the top most web feed management provider which is commonly used by all bloggers to manage their blog feeds. Blogger powered blogs has this setting too but first you need to configure and set it up properly. So today I will guide you through this.Adding and Claiming Your Blog’s FeedStep 1: Log in to FeedBurner and write your blog’s feed address in “Burn a feed right this instant”. This is where claiming process starts. Your feed address will be: If you are a podcaster then check the podcaster box and click “Next”.

How to Add Image to Sidebar Titles in Blogger

In this tutorial I will tell you how to customize and add image or icons to Blogger sidebar titles.First we need an image that you want to add. It can be a small vertical image that can be repeated throughout the width of the sidebar title or just a fixed icon.If you are good at drawing, then you can create an image with specific height and width. The width of the image should be same with the width of the sidebar, so find for #sidebar or #sidebar-wrapper and see the width given in pixels (px).

CSS3 and Blogger

Do you know that my blog uses some properties of CSS3? For example, look at my main-wrapper and sidebar, you will find that there are shadow effects. If you look at my footer, there you can find text-shadow effects. All the new versions of browsers mainly Firefox (3.5+), Opera (10.5+), Chrome (5+) and Webkit/Safari (3.1+) supports CSS3, while IE (9+) support very few (till date).

What are the Styles that can be Done by CSS3 in Blogger?

Download 3 Sidebar Columns Minima Blogger Template

Layout templates of Blogger, specially Minima, were/are still famous among the designers and developers as it can be highly customized. But Blogger don't have default three column layout Minima templates. So I have made two Minima Blogger templates with three sidebar columns for tutorial purpose and for those who want to make their own templates from the scratch.Sidebar to Left

How Margin and Padding Works: CSS

Padding is used to clear the area around the content of an element within the border and is affected by the background color of the element.

While, margin clear the area around an element which is outside the border and do not have a background color.

See at an example of a box model:

How to Add Email Subscription Box to Blogger

Email subscription box let your blog readers to get latest post updates directly to their mailbox. This simple tutorial will tell you how to add it to Blogger.
Step 1: So first, you need to set up Blogger feeds with Google FeedBurner. If you already added your blog feeds then move on to step 2.

How to Add Subscribe Button to Blogger

The RSS subscribe button let your visitors to subscribe and easily add your blog to their favorite RSS services. When visitors like your content and want to read your blog thorough RSS news readers then they will click on the feed button on your blog.
So to add a subscribe button to Blogger, you need to find a big, beautiful RSS icon. Download it and upload it to your image hosting service (Google Picasa is a good option) and get the URL.
Now go to Layout tab and add a "HTML/JavaScript" gadget. Add the following code into it and save it. You can also write something into the gadget to tell your readers to subscribe.<a href="" title="Subscribe to RSS"><img alt="Subscribe to RSS" src="" /></a> ExplanationChange Feed-Address with your feed URL. Generally your post feed URL will be: http:…