How to Configure and Setup FeedBurner for Blogger

Google FeedBurner is one of the top most web feed management provider which is commonly used by all bloggers to manage their blog feeds. Blogger powered blogs has this setting too but first you need to configure and set it up properly. So today I will guide you through this.

Adding and Claiming Your Blog’s Feed

Step 1: Log in to FeedBurner and write your blog’s feed address in “Burn a feed right this instant”. This is where claiming process starts. Your feed address will be:
Adding feeds

If you are a podcaster then check the podcaster box and click “Next”.

Step 2: On the next page, enter your desired feed title and give a name to the feed address.

Feedburner Settings 1

This address will be your blog’s feed address from where your readers will subscribe, so choose a title that goes with your blog’s title or niche. It will be like:

When it is done, click the “Next” button again.

Step 3: On next page it will tell you that you are done with setting up your FeedBurner address.

Settingup FeedBurner complete

So the primary setup is done. You have successfully claimed your blog’s feed and got yourself a new feed address. From this point, your blog’s feeds will be redirected to this FeedBurner URL. Now again click “Next”.

Configure FeedBurner

Step 4: It is in this page where you can get stats of general traffic level for your feed. So check the options that you want to have.

FeedBurner settings 2

Again click “Next”.

Step 5: You are done with setting up FeedBurner with your blog’s feed.

FeedBurner setting complete 2

Redirect Blogger Feeds to FeedBurner

It is very important to redirect your blog’s feed so that you don't leave your readers behind when they want to subscribe to your blog.

Step 6: Now log in to your Blogger account, go to Settings > Other tab of your blog and navigate to “Site feed”.

Blogger feed setup

Next find “Post Feed Redirect URL” and add your FeedBurner address and save it. Here you can also select whether to allow your readers to get the full or short feed by selecting the proper length of the feed in “Allow Blog Feeds”.

You are now finished with setting up and redirecting your feeds. Now tell your readers to subscribe by adding a subscribe button.

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