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Add Pinterest Pin it Button to Blogger (Updated)

Pinterest have launched their sharing buttons, why not have it for Blogger. “Pin it” buttons has counters and comes in three different sizes. But before you add it to Blogger posts, let’s see what you have to do first.For those who don’t know about it yet, Pinterest allows you to organize and share your interests on a virtual pin board. It has become famous because not only this site is beautiful but also is very easy to share and manage your “pins”. You need to use it to believe it.

Get ready for Blogger SEO Updates

Now Blogger has become more Search engine optimization (SEO) friendly with its new and updated features. You are ready to enable the SEO settings for your blogs and remove all hacks and customizations that you have done to your Blogger templates so far. But do you really know which or what should be used and when?Unlike the three letters, SEO, which creates the acronym, it is a vast term and there are so many guidelines you have to follow to increase your traffic from ‘natural’ search results. Simply speaking, following the guidelines, SEO can be done in two ways, off-site and on-site.Off-site means preparing yourselves thinking “what if there were no search engines then how people would have reached my site?”. There are many ways, like, getting social and create Google+ Page and Facebook Page.