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Add Fixed Floating Share Buttons to Blogger

Previously I had written about animated floating widget for Blogger which was or still is popular. But many didn’t liked it for the animated effect and wanted it to be fixed while scrolling. Many requested for this and after giving a thought I am writing this for you. So let’s get started with it and add a fixed sharing buttons widget that will float to the left (or to right) of the Blogger post section.

Google Penguin update hit me Hard

On April 24, 2012, Google released a new search algorithm, later it was named Penguin. This was mainly meant to stop “webspam”, that is, mainly to bring down the sites which use “black hat” methods to rank well in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs), like, violating webmasters guidelines, keyword stuffing, participating in link schemes, etc.
When I read it I was happy that after the Panda update, Google moved a step forward to stop those spam sites who wishes to rank well within SERPs by shortcut methods. But as days passed, I became very sad and depressed as I found out that my blog also got hit by this update. My traffic dropped below 50%, some of my great posts cannot be found within SERPs and some went very down.