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Add Twitter Official Tweet Button to Blogger

Twitter has released their official share buttons with counter. In this tutorial we will discuss on how to add this Tweet Button to BloggerIn this new Tweet Button, you can customize the size, mention yourself and can also mention related Twitter user whom you may want to be followed by others. So have a look at the live example below by tweeting it.

Add Facebook XFBML Like Button to Blogger

Today we will learn how to add Facebook Like button to Blogger (XFBML/HTML5). After using the Iframe version, I was thinking if it could do something which will enable my blog readers to leave a comment while sharing.So I checked and found out the JavaScript version of Like button which has a Send button too. When someone likes your post to share it with their Facebook friends, it will open a popup comment box to leave a comment which will give it more prominence.To get this you can visit the official page. Here I will try to explain it in simpler form.Facebook Like Button for BloggerStep 1. Log in to Blogger, go to Template tab, then click “Edit HTML” and check “Expand Widget Templates”.Step 2. Though this step is not required as I have updated the rendering codes with HTML5 version but still you may include this for certain reasons. Find the highlighted HTML attribution:<html ...... xmlns:expr=''>After this, add XML namespace attribut…