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Blogger Threaded Comments Internet Explorer and Chrome Fix

It seems that many of you who have enabled Blogger’s Threaded Comments are having problems to view your blog mainly in IE (Internet Explorer) and Chrome (by Google). Problems such as, you are viewing a blank page even if your blog loads or the page freezes in IE and/or the Reply function not working in Chrome. These two things are common and can be fixed for the time being.

Enable Threaded Commenting on Blogger Templates - Problem Fixed

It came to my notice that even though you have enabled the proper settings, still many of you have failed to install/see/have the threaded comments and it’s not working on your Blogger template. This is mainly happening to those who have customized their templates or have downloaded it from other sites. Well, I think I have got what it needs to get it back.

Blogger enabled Threaded Commenting for us!

You may have seen this in WordPress blogs, now Blogger also has this too, it’s threaded commenting. Blogger has introduced a new improved commenting system for us. So what’s that actually? Well, now it’s possible to reply on an existing comment to start a conversation. It will be displayed as threaded (or nested). See an image example below:Image from Blogger Buzz