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List of Tutorials for Blogger

I have made a list of Blogger tutorials that are posted in my blog. You can find many tutorials on editing and customizing Blogger templates and make your blog unique and beautiful. So let's browse through what can we find. It's divided into segments. To go to each segment just click the links below to scroll to that.

How to Add Sidebar (Widget Section) to Header in Blogger

Add a new widget section by creating sidebar within the header section in your Blogger template and see how a simple looking header goes up to the next level and turns into something new and stylish. It is really a simple tutorial and adjusting it according to your style, you can add search box, subscription buttons or anything you want to be viewable beside your blog's tile, within blogger header.

Now let's have a tutorial.

Hide Full Posts, Create Post Summaries - Expandable

When I started blogging I found out that full posts are visible on first page. Now that does not looked good on my first page. How am I gonna hide full posts, create posts summaries and add a "Read more..." option in my blog?

Well by default, blogger doesn't provide one. So you have to make it yourself. So lets have a tutorial on it.

How to Create Three Column Blogger Template

You must have seen many blogs having three columns. You may also want to make your own three column Blogger Layout Template and give your blog a new level in style. So let's do it with a simple tutorial.
You can see in Design > Page elements that you already have two column, one for the main body and the other is the sidebar. So you need to create and add an extra sidebar column. Adding the Third Sidebar Column in Blogger Template

How to Make Footer Increase in Width in Blogger

In previous tutorial I have told you how to expand Blogger Header the width of the Browser. Now apply this same rule to increase the Blogger footer section the width of the browser.
Let's have a tutorial.