Blogger Threaded Comments Internet Explorer and Chrome Fix

It seems that many of you who have enabled Blogger’s Threaded Comments are having problems to view your blog mainly in IE (Internet Explorer) and Chrome (by Google). Problems such as, you are viewing a blank page even if your blog loads or the page freezes in IE and/or the Reply function not working in Chrome. These two things are common and can be fixed for the time being.

Blogger threaded comments fix

The work around

At first, make a backup of your template if anything goes wrong.

Previously I wrote about adding threaded comments to Blogger for customized templates. Like that, while editing your template form Template > Edit HTML option check “Expand Widget Templates” and find:

<script defer='defer' expr:src='data:post.commentSrc' type='text/javascript'/>

Replace it with:

<script async='async' expr:src='data:post.commentSrc' type='text/javascript'/>

Save your template and view your blog if the problems are solved.

How does it work?

The defer attribute tells the browser to run the script after the page has been loaded. By somehow this attribute was (better say may be) causing these problems where either you are seeing a blank page or the page freezes or the problem with the Reply link. Just deleting this attribute could have done and it may have looked like:

<script expr:src='data:post.commentSrc' type='text/javascript'/>
While async tells to execute the script asynchronously along with the page, so I added this attribute so that it doesn’t block the page while loading.

Though it seems that after this fix, Blogger’s threaded comments are working in Internet Explorer 9 but in previous versions like IE8 or IE7 there still exits a little problem with some templates, that is, the reply button doesn’t opens the comment box just below it when clicked. Instead, it will remain fixed at the bottom just like the previous comment form, but still you can reply. While in Google Chrome, it also fixes the problem with the reply link where it was not opening the comment box and has been confirmed here by Chee. But still check if your browser is up to date.

Remember, this is a work around only and I can’t guarantee you that it should always work. Along with you I am also waiting for a proper fix by Blogger engineers.

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