Create your own Contact Form with Kontactr for Blogger

KontactrKontactr is one of the simplest, fast, light weight and effective contact forms that I ever came across. It is not only easy to create but is also like a breeze to add it to Blogger.

I have already told the main features but it does not end here. It has got CAPTCHA protection to stop all those spam massages and the best of all is it’s free. You need to follow some easy steps and you are ready to receive all those important emails.

Step 1: Visit Kontactr and signup.

Step 2: After confirmation, login and copy the codes given in “AJAX Widget”.

Step 3: Login to Blogger and create a page form Pages tab (also known as “static page”) from your blog's dashboard . Give the page a title, like, “Contact me” or anything that you like.

Step 4: Paste the copied code (as told in step 2) and Publish the page.

That is it. However, you can also customize it so that it matches the background color of your blog.

There are some other options too, for example, instead of a form, you can have contact buttons too, it can be a simple button or can be a “popup” contact form.

Okay, I have told you all about it (I think), now it is now upon you to test it by having one for your blog. It would take maximum 5 minutes for you to create a contact form and add it to your blogs.

P.S. This post has been updated.

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