Blogger as on March 2011

Blogger is evolving day by day and bringing many improvements to us, blogspot users, making it easy to use some advance settings. For example, some of the previous updates are popular posts widget, stats widget and spam filtering for blogger comments, enabling read more and many more.

Within this month, blogger has added some more to it. Let’s see what those are:

More Custom Fonts

Now you can easily add Google Web Fonts to Blogger from its Dashboard > Design > Template Designer tab and find for Advanced tab. From there you can easily choose your font to use to design your blog. If you want to add custom font to a particular section and cannot find it within template designer then I have also demonstrated a tutorial to how to add Google web fonts to blogger.

blogger custom fonts

Taking Control of Your Blog’s Feed

If you have followed settings for blogger site feed from FAQ section, then you will find that there were only three options for your blog’s feed. But now if you check the Feed Settings tab under Settings, you will find that there are now four options. It’s new “Until Jump Break” which will allow your blog’s feed readers to read up to the jump break you have used for the post. To read the full post they have to visit your blog by clicking the “read more” link that will be found within the feed itself. So are you going to try this? I think I should wait for some time.

blogger feed settings

Mobile Templates for blogger

Another new feature is the mobile template by blogger. All you have to do is go to Blogger’s Dashboard > Settings > Email & Mobile tab, enable the mobile template option and save your settings. There are currently 12 templates. However designs don’t vary much. See the image examples below or live preview of simple blogger tutorials on mobile.

mobile template for blogger

Introduction of Blogger Android App


If you want to blog about something on the go and you have an Android phone, then download it from Android Market. Some of the features are:

  • Multiple accounts and blogs
  • Write and save/publish
  • Photos from camera and gallery
  • Sharing to Blogger from gallery or browser
  • View saved/published posts

So, what the next update you think will be and you are expecting for? I'm expecting to update the post editor to use <p> (paragraph tags) instead of blogger's traditional <br> or <br /> tags. My blog readers, don't forget to post a reply!

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