Content Thieves Beware! Google Panda is Watching You, as we all know, is the search engine giant and to stay in this position it makes some rules and changes its search algorithms overtime so that it can give users more relevant search to its users. One of such change that was introduced on February, 2011 was the “Panda” algorithm.

Panda ready to fight for Google
Panda ready to fight for Google

This title was there on my sidebar’s popular posts gadget linking to finding more high-quality sites in search until I thought to write about this and inform my subscribers and others too.

What is Google Panda?

Google Panda is the new search algorithm that lowers the ranking of low-quality sites and blogs. Low quality sites are referred to sites and blogs which are not very useful, have low quality articles, add no or less value to its users and have copied content from other blog and sites.

How can it affect your site or blog?

Your site traffic will decrease as Google Search will send fewer readers and as well as your income will also decrease if you have AdSense or other ad networks or using any affiliate programs.

How to protect your blog from Google Panda?

First you have to accept and agree that “Content is the king”. In more guidance on building high-quality sites, you can find above 20 tips that can help you. Summing up all those I get top five tips that you should do:

  • Write original articles
  • Write articles for your readers
  • Give useful information
  • Immediately remove duplicate and copied contents
  • Stop copying articles from other sites and blogs

These are the first steps you should start working on immediately because Google’s algorithm is and will update randomly as to bring up more useful, original and relevant contents around the web.

If you have found out that someone has copied your content then you can file DMCA complaint to Google to remove that content.

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