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I was hoping that Blogger will enable us to add our own favicon, also known as favorite icon or shortcut icon. Well, it has already been enabled for us to add custom favicon to Blogger powered blogs.

My assumption was correct because while writing the post about adding +1 (plus one) button to Blogger, the image that was provided by Blogger Buzz was telling that something new is going to happen. For example see the image below:

Edit Blogger Favicon

Well, as you can see that at the top there’s an option to edit the default orange favicon of Blogger to yours. This can be seen under Template tab under your blog's dashboard. But before you replace it with yours you need to make a favicon for your blog.

The favicon should be in .ico format, popularly known as windows ICO (icon) file format and should be less than 10kb. The best and appropriate sizes are 16×16 pixels and 32×32 pixels. You can easily create one with any photo editing software but most of them don’t allow the image to be saved in icon format. In that case you can save your image in .png format and use any online tool to generate favicon.

The other way is to use GIMP, a small but powerful photo editing software, to create one. Remember to use the extension “ico” while saving the image on your hard drive.

After you have successfully created the favicon, all is left for you is to add it to Blogger by clicking the “Edit” link beside “Favicon” as shown in the picture above. Choose the file that you have saved on your hard disk and “Save” it.

Blogger Favicon

To be noted
  • After saving the settings for your custom favicon, you may not be able to see it immediately while viewing your blog. This happens because the default Blogger favicon remains there in your browser’s cache. To view it, clear your browser’s cache or wait for some days (or hours) to expire and get deleted by itself.
  • Your blog’s favicon URL is:
  • For those who are using the previous hack to add favicon to Blogger can now disable it and use this method.

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