How to Increase the Width of Comment Form in Blogger

In many Blogger blogs you may have found that the default comment form’s width is much smaller than the post body width. When you are customizing the design of your blog then you must be also thinking to increase the width of the Blogger’s comment form. In this simple tutorial I will tell how to expand it.

Blogger Comment Form Width

Normally, the default width for the comment form of Blogger is fixed at 425 pixels. So we just need to override this with a CSS definition.

Step 1: Go to Dashboard > Design > Edit HTML tab.

Step 2: Find ]]></b:skin> and before it add:

min-width: 100% !important;

As you can see that a minimum width has been set to let browsers know that the minimum width of the form should match with the width of the post body.

Step 3: Save your template and view your blog. After going inside of any post you will find that the size of the Blogger’s comment form has increased in size (width).

Normally this should work with any template.

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