Blogger's New Spam Detection for Comments

Blogger is advancing day by day by enabling some cool new features that most of us do want to have for our blogs. Today after login in to Blogger’s dashboard I have found out that Blogger enabled automatic spam detection for the comments but astonishingly they didn’t enabled it to all of the blogs.

You may also try if you have got this by login in to your dashboard. The first thing you will get is a green notice board that will inform you about the comment spam is enabled for your blog. If you have multiple blogs then it will be enabled for only one of you blogs (I expect).

Blogger Comment Spam
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I got this for the demo blog for Translator widget with flags. From the dashboard there is a clickable link to go to the New Comments page just on the left-hand side of the Settings tab.

Link to Comment tab

On comments page you will find that there are tabs that will show the comments that are Published, comments that are Awaiting Moderation and Spam that will show the comments that are detected as spam.

Comment Spam tab

How the Spam Detector Works

While reading the help file I found out that when someone leaves a reply, it will have to pass thorough the Blogger spam detector. If it detects a comment as spam, it will go to the Spam tab (Spam Inbox). From here you can delete the comment or if you think that it’s wrongly flagged as spam, then you can publish it.

Settings that have to be Enabled

If you have got the new “Comment Spam” feature for Blogger then you must enable “Comment Moderation” settings to “Always”. It can be found under Settings > Comments tab. Here is the Blogger Basic Comments Settings.
Comment Moderation

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