Hide Post from Appearing on Homepage of Blogger

Hiding a post appearing on first page or better say homepage of Blogger is really a simple trick. It’s a trick which is all about posting a blog post to a certain date.

Sometimes it may so happen that you may do not want any blog post to be seen on the homepage and it’s not a static page on Blogger. So you need to hide it. To be true, you cannot hide any posts if you have published it but you can back-date it while publishing so that it does not appear on the homepage.

All you have to do is, while publishing a post, select a date that is prior to the date you are posting. Suppose you are writing a post on today’s date, say 16th November 2011, then while posting, click “Post Options” within the post editor and select “Scheduled at”. Now all you have to do is select a date that is prior to today’s date, say 16th March 2011, and then publish it.

Blogger date settings

But this date also requires some attention, that is, number of posts your homepage has and the date of the last post that is visible on your homepage. You have to select a date that is much older to that post's date which will let you to hide your current post on your Blogger's homepage. This is the trick.

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