Show HTML/JavaScript Codes within Blogger Posts or Comments

HTML codesHave you faced any difficulties to show some particular codes or snippets within Blogger Post Editor or within the comment section? I hope, most of you did and still do. Well, I have the perfect solution to this.

While writing you will notice that every time you use "less than" sign (<) or "greater than" sign (>) to show JavaScript or HTML codes and snippets, either in Blogger Post Editor (in HTML mode) or within comments, it does not get published or better say, not visible.

This happens because Blogger recognizes it as codes that should be used for formatting purpose only. The only solution is to encode them.

So to show JavaScript or HTML codes within Blogger posts or comments, use &lt; instead of < and &gt; instead of >. Now if there are big codes then search for online tools to encode your codes.

This is the simplest method to show JavaScript and HTML codes within Blogger comments or posts

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