How to Add Widgets in Blogger

Some of you may be too new to blogger and might find difficulties in adding and moving widgets and gadgets in Blogger. For them, there’s a small tutorial.

First log in to your blogger account by visiting and go to Layout tab. Under this tab you will find Page Elements. Now, to add widget or gadget to Blogger find for “Add a gadget” and click it as shown in the picture below:

Now a pop-up window will open under which you will find a set of widgets that you can add to your blog. Click the plus (+) sign to add that widget to your blog as shown in the picture:

Add widgets to Blogger

Now after that you have added it, you may want to move the widget to your desired position. So, to move the newly added gadget take the mouse pointer over the gadget and drag that gadget to your desired position.

It is done.

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