Formatting Settings for Blogspot

Let’s discuss about the Formatting settings found on the first page of Settings and that you may want to know and have to Blogger.

blogspot formatting

Show at most: Select the number of posts to be seen on your blogspot homepage. Less is better, so select 5 to 7 posts for your homepage as this will decrease the load time for your blog.

Date Header Format: Select the format for the date that will be visible for the posts titles.

Archive Index Date Format: Select any one format you want to show your archive list (if you have added an archive widget to sidebars, this can also be changed from the widget itself).

Timestamp Format: The time (when you have published the post) that will be seen below post title or after posts (depending on template design). If you don't want it then select “No”.

Time Zone: Select your country’s time zone. You can also set it to other time zone if you want.

Language: Your preferred language of your blog.

Convert line breaks: This option will automatically add <br /> (line-break) tags when single hard-returns are entered (pressing the enter button on your keyboard to divide two paragraphs) and two <br /><br /> tags with two hard returns. You may like to turn this “Off” as it may bring extra line-breaks if you are adding any scripts or CSS codes or video codes within your posts.

Show Title field: Let it be “Yes”, otherwise you will not be able to give any title to your blog posts.

Show Link fields: If “Yes” selected, it will add the option to include a related URL and podcasting enclosure links with each of your posts.

Enable float alignment: Let it be “Yes” as it helps to add floating images and alignments. Choose “No” if you are having post layout problems.

Post Template: This will allow you to automatically add some text or code at the end of every posts without writing them again and again for each post.

Save your settings.

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