Email and Mobile Settings for Blogger : Blogspot Basics

For Blogger's email and mobile settings go to Settings > Email & Mobile.

Show mobile template: This is a new settings which will enable mobile version of your blog. Select "Yes" if you want it otherwise "No".

BlogSend Address: You can enter upto 10 email address to send your blog posts as notification.

Email Posting Address: Also known as Mail2Blogger, which can be used to directly publish your blogger posts from your email address. First you have to set a pass-code as and select weather to “Publish emails immediately” or “Save emails as draft posts”.

email posting to blogspot

Mobile Devices: You can also add your mobile device to publish your posts to Blogger on the Go. Click “Add mobile device”, a pop-up window will open with a verification code which will asked to resend to Learn more about using mobile devices for blogger.

validating your mobile

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