Advance Settings of Site Feed for Blogger : Blogspot Basics

It's very important to setup blogger's feed in proper way. This can be found on Settings > Site Feed tab. You will find every basic thing there itself so let’s switch to Advance Mode.

advance settings of site feed

Blog Posts Feed: Select “Full” to syndicate the full content of your post. Select “Short” if you only wish to syndicate the first paragraph, or approximately 255 characters, whichever is shorter. The new settings "Until Jump Break" allows your feed to be shown to that particular position you have used "Read More" option.

Blog Comment Feed: It’s the total number of comments for your blog. Same rule will be applied to the blog comments like Posts Feed.

Per-Post Comment Feeds: It’s the comment feed only for the particular posts. The same rule goes as above.

Post Feed Redirect URL: If you are using FeedBurner to manage your blog feeds
then you may like to know how to Redirect Feeds and Setup FeedBurner for Blogger. If not using any feed manager then leave it blank.

Post Feed Footer: Write something or use ads or offer freebies that will appear after each feeds of your posts.

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