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Need some help in designing your Blogger template? Well, I can help you with it.

When you need a Premium Service?

As you go through this blog you will find that my tutorials easy to understand as I try post in details, as far as possible, so that you can do it yourselves. But sometimes you may want someone do it for you to make it close to perfect, like:

Customizing Blogger templates

For example:

Tweaking Blogger templates

For example:

  • Added the sharing buttons and need to align them properly in proper place so that it looks good
  • Need to fix your blog's header image so that it fits in and matches the style of your template
  • Want tweak your blog so that it loads fast
  • Want to tweak your blog for better SEO
  • Etc.

You are a designer

You are a very good designer and created yourself a blog design and want to have a Blogger template like it. You already have got the PSDs ready and need someone to do it for you.

There could be so many reasons for which you need someone who is familiar with things like these for which you may need to opt for a Premium Service.

What about quotations and payments?

I can’t give any fixed quotations as it totally depends on time and complexity of the work. For example, you want me to install only Facebook Like button or design the read more link or add stylish social media subscribe buttons, for which the price quotations will be very less. Now if you want me to do all these three things for you, then the price will be little bit higher. But for each and every time, I will quote decently. I will accept payments in U.S. Dollars through PayPal. You just need to contact me for details.

If you have read my about me page then it’s clear that I’m not a professional and may be, I can't do everything that you need. I do it because I like to edit, tweak and design Blogger templates. As a result I have developed some skills with which I can at least make you happy. All you need is to contact me to see what I can do for you.

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