About me
Hello, I'm Rajarshi Mandal nicknamed as 'Raju', a student and computer enthusiastic from India.

About blog
Simple Blogger Tutorials is a blog on Blogspot tutorials to help you make yourself a beautiful blog by customizing and designing your templates. With some tips and tricks and some Blogger hacks and widgets, you can get the design that you want to have for your unique Blogger template.

How and why
While making Bengali SMS blog, I learned how to edit and customize my template. From the knowledge that I learned by trial and error, I found out that there are so many things that can be done to style your blogs. With my skills (with CSS and HTML, however, my JavaScript skills are low), I made this blog on Blogspot tutorials that can help you to design your templates and make it more customized and beautiful.

Help me grow
If you think that I am helping you and will be able to help you in future also, then don't forget to bookmark and share my blog with your friends and add it to your favourite.

I don't need any donations but if you wish to design a template then you can opt for a premium service by me.

Getting more
You can contact me about any tutorial you may want but will reply, not by emailing you back, but I will post it in Simple Blogger Tutorials only.

About template
My template is designed by me to meet my style. It is not for sale. But I can build you one if you hire me

License and permissions
Every weblog defaults to "all rights reserved" for everything, whether it is the content, video or design of the template, so strictly, no copying. Every tutorial posted in this blog are first tested by me then written only for you. I am trying my best and is working hard to give you some good Blogger customization tutorials. However, you can use my contents to write your own original content but by linking back to the article and keeping in mind the Creative Commons License.

About policies
If you still have any problem regarding this blog, you can see the Privacy policy and comment policy for this blog and can always contact me.

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